Raine Jean at Austin (1976)

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Poet-painter-graphic artist. Born in 1927 in Brussels of a family of artists. At the age of fifteen when his country was occupied by the Germans ha came under the influence of surrealist poets. He could not publish any of his own works until 1946 when a poem appeared in The "Journal des Poètes". He has continued to write poetry and also writes criticism. He has also worked on films since 1949. A friend of Alechinsky, he became associated with the COBRA group. From 1958 he began to draw and then to paint. His first one-manshow was in Brussels. He had participated in group shows since 1963.

He founded an institution for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill and came to know his future wife, Sanki.

From 1962 to 1966 he did large works in ink, but in 1966 he returned to color during a long sejourn in California. He used the new acrylic colors and glazing to obtain rich, warm effects.

When Sanki, who was eminent in the world of psychiatry, was asked to teach in Lyon, France, in 1968, he tok up residence at Rochetaillée nearby. He had large studios and the possibility of frequent trips in Italy. He vacationed often at Calice-Ligure where he found Wilfredo Lam and other congenial friends and where there came to be a Musée International d’Art Moderne and means of printing graphic works..He did graphic works in relief, white on white, to illustrate poems. He has exhibited in Belgium, France, the United states, Denmark, and in many places in Italy.