About Jean Raine’s painting (1970)

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Suddenly shapes appear before you ; they stand out, disturbing, frightening, undulating like waves which stop for an instant, and then move on. One senses an eternal transformation.The continual metamorphosis of his shapes is an impression that cannot be escaped. His painting is related to te "elements" themselves, if one gives to this word the dynamic sense employed by Gaston Bachelard. It is spontaneous painting in which, however, consciousness has its place.

The substance of his paintings can be described as the content of his dreams, which flow endlessly before and behind the open eyes of the vewer, who becomes likewise a dreamer. Raine’s images often unite into a somber and froathing mass, ravaged and distorted by mystic forces. His shapes take form by touching one another, struggling with one another, or clustering together, and remain menacing. The artist who brings the image to life on the canvas is also tormented, and must invent a never-ending "language" to escape being engulfed. Raine’s painting is an expression of an internal drama, a drama whose elements are universal. It implies anxiety and distress, feelings of death, and cosmic storms which devastate the subconsciousness. At the same time, there are vital forces in his paintigs which seem to leap from the depths of his mind, and appear violently, due to the blending of his colors.

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Texte traduit du danois en anglais par Eric Kirkby, de l'anglais en français par Jean Raine.